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Cangzhou Ouguan Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd through years of painstaking research, relying on mature R&D technology and precise market positioning, we have created Automatic Corrugated box linkage line. It is delicately designed to comply with the industry standard. Cangzhou Ouguan Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd will introduce more advanced and innovative technology, and will gather more professional talents together.

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High Speed Printing Die Cutting Machine.


High Speed folder gluer linkage line

Automatic Corrugated box linkage line

Machine description

1. The machine's components include feed conveying device, printing device and die cutting device, which can realize the reference printing and die-cutting process of corrugated cardboard.

2. HT250 body material, body thickness of 50mm, after the second stage of quenching, using CNC machine tools, with high strength and high precision.

3. The transmission gears are all spur gears with low noise and high precision. The gears are heated and ground by high frequency and fully automatic cycle lubrication is used.


ONE.Cardboard conveyor


Leading edge feed system.

lThe leading edge feed unit is made in Shandong, which has a long service life and high feed precision.

Suction assists the feeding of cardboard and allows the cardboard to advance smoothly. The volume of wind can be adjusted to match the camber angle of the cardboard.

lThe electric controller controls the side bezel to move left and right. The rear bezel is electrically controlled before and after movement. The distance between the front baffle and the feed table is synchronously adjusted manually.

lThe color touch screen shows the number of productions that can be entered in the production plan and also indicates the number of sheets produced. Once the plan is completed, the counter system stops the supply section and issues a warning. Touch screen can store 999 orders.


Cardboard feed roller. Diameter 160mm

lUpper cardboard feed roller steel tube seamless, covered with wear-resistant rubber, after balance correction.

lThe lower paperboard feed roller is a seamless steel tube with embossed and hard chrome plating, corrected for balance.

lFeeding rollers between the cardboard feed rollers adjust the distance of the cardboard hand, and the dial shows the size adjustment, the adjustment range is various types of 2-12mm. The upper and lower feed rollers are connected by a cross head and a transmission gear. When adjusting the distance between the upper and lower rollers, the distance between the two drive gears of the upper and lower rollers will not change.

Auto Zero and Print Book Cleanup Features

The feeding device, printing device, and slotting die cutting device all have the functions of “automatic zero return” and “plate cleaning memory”.

Usually adjust the printing position of the printing roller, slotted knife roller, and die cutting roller, just try to use 2 "Auto Zero" and "Print Block Clear Memory" function. Reduce cardboard waste.

TWO. Printing device

Printing roller. Diameter 410mm

lThe printing roller is made of steel and is balanced.

lThe surface of the printing roller is ground, polished, hard chrome plated.

lPrinted board reel structure. Foot switch controls printing roller rotation clockwise and counterclockwise for easy plate change.

lA complete slot in the print roller is used for printing plate, the slot size is 9mm × 3mm.


Clockwise and counterclockwise printing with satellite gear structure adjustment.

The clockwise and counterclockwise printing plate phase is electrically adjustable and the phase motor can be adjusted 360° during machine operation and stopping by electro-optic control.

lHorizontal movement of printing roller electric adjustment, adjustment distance 20mm.

lThe Auto Zero and Print Plate Clean Memorize functions allow the machine to quickly adjust the correct printing position of the plate. ("Auto Zero" function is to clear the printing plate. When using this function, the printing roller will automatically run to the best position for cleaning the plate. After washing, the "Plate Cleaning Memory" will enable the printing roller to automatically return to The position in front of the plate, after clearing the printing plate, will save the time to adjust the printing block).

Ink system

The ink system uses pneumatic diaphragm pump ink cups to prevent splashing. Stable ink and easy maintenance.

There is an ink dust network to make the ink more clear and improve the printing effect.

When the machine stops, the anilox roller and the rubber roller can run independently to transfer ink, preventing the ink from drying out.

Fixed system

lThe self-locking system is used to adjust the feed roller distance, reduce the printing pressure roller, anilox roller, rubber rollerThere is a “infinity clockwise and counterclockwise phase” repair device. The cylinder is used. When the unit is turned on, when the phase of the printing cylinder is adjusted, the cylinder will roll the brake unit to run.

THREE. Die cutting

Rubber pad roller. Diameter 389mm

lRubber roller steel, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.

lBalance the rubber pad after correction.

lThe rubber pad adopts the fastening type high-quality rubber and is easy to install.

Long service life can cut 4 million to 6 million times

lThe movement distance of left and right rubber pad rollers moved by mechanically controlled position is 40mm. This structure makes the rubber sleeve also wear out, thereby increasing the use time.

lThe automatic pneumatic control device of the rubber pad roller is synchronized with the cardboard feeding system. (When the cardboard is conveyed, the rubber pad roller goes down and cuts the cardboard. When the cardboard feed stops, the rubber pad roller will rise and separate from the mold.)

lThe unique speed compensation device can enable the fine rubber pad roller to run with the mold. No matter how the diameter of the rubber pad changes, the surface speed of the rubber pad is completely controlled by the die. This can make the shape of the carton board absolutely equal to the mold pattern that is not manipulated by anyone.

lThere is a belt rubber repair device that can be used after repair.

 Die cutting roller. Diameter 360mm

lAfter balance correction, roll steel material, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.

Clockwise and counterclockwise phase adjustment die cutting device.

lAdopt planetary gear structure to adjust clockwise and counterclockwise phase mould rollers.

lThe clockwise and counterclockwise printing plate phase is electrically adjustable. The phase motor can be adjusted 360° during machine operation and stopping by photoelectric counting.

Transmission gear.

lAll transmission gears are made of high-quality alloy steel 40crmnti, after heat refining, high-frequency quenching and high-precision gear grinding.

lGear hardness HRC58, long use, low noise, high production accuracy.

l(3) The gear adopts automatic circulation lubrication. 

Automatic Corrugated box linkage line 

The design and manufacture of automatic glue machine is in line with printing, slotting, folding, bonding and piling.It has the ability to carry, apply glue, fold, and automatically form several layers .Adopt PLC control, touch screen operation and pre-storage and management orders.Its high speed production capacity, fast changing orders and good stability can satisfy our carton customers'  shorter delivery requirements.

Characteristics of the machine:

1. The thickness of the outer wall plate is 40cm and the thickness of the folding part is 25cm

2. This machine adopts the design concept of Korean qinglong company. It is the only one in dongguang county that uses three sets of wallboards to hold the folding arms, so that the folding arms are stable .

3. The folding belt uses individual power, each belt has a single motor drive, which can prolong the life of the belt and reduce the tightening of the belt.

4. The machine adopts vacuum adsorption conveying cardboard to ensure the stability and rectifying function of cardboard in operation.

5. The folding part is equipped with three lines of pressure wire to compensate the defects of the printing press, and the cutting edge of the paste box is solved.

6. The paste head adopts the Japanese rock spray adhesive device, which can't break the glue or the spray is inaccurate.

7. Automatic change of computer, automatic storage of orders and other functions.

8. The counting discharge department adopts the falling type of paper and double beat function, which solves the problem of the large size of cardboard cutting.

9.The discharge department adopts the straight push, which solves the problem of the traditional lifting hook and the small cardboard collapse.

10. The printing department and paste box department can achieve differential linkage, can input board width, always stick box belt automatic tracking, realizes the cardboard and cardboard directly the minimum distance of 5-10 cm, to reduce the speed of the belt, improve the speed of the paste box, reduce unnecessary belt wear.

The main type and specification: machine speed: 150 / min

Largest paper size: 2200 x 1200 mm

minimum paper size: 750 x 300 mm (including the medial) apply paper: less than 9 mm  for 3 layer, five layer

link: polyvinyl  acetate     emulsion PVA

Major announcements

2. The function of sticky box machine is introduced

The glue part: It is easy to adjust the adhesive system to avoid the clearance of gel.The dial is suitable for the cardboard between 1 and 12mm.Sizing is easy to adjust.

In order to improve the speed of the bridge and the flexure plate production speed synchronously adjust.At the same time, fold belt, conveyor belt production of flexible printing slot is almost the same speed, avoid folding machine and water-based printing slotting part are not synchronized, this may lead to cardboard gets stuck, and achieve precise delivery.

The speed of the upper and lower belts can be adjusted separately, that is, their speed is different, and it can be adjusted to the same speed.

The folding paperboard adopts the form of belt or rubber roller to make it easy to adjust the folding Angle.

The pre-pressure part adopts upper and lower roll adjustment clearance, which can increase the thickness of the cardboard between 1 and 12mm.The dial is easy to adjust.

Board and counter parts.

The pile board is fully automatic by means of mechanical means and sensors.

Counter (sensor) count carton number, convenient to set up and reliable.

The pile board uses computer counting and precision push.

3. Instructions

Technical data are printed according to the flexible version

Max. Speed


Max. Stacking height(mm)


Min. Stacking height(mm)


Max. Paper quantity Of  one bunch(pcs)


Min. Paper quantity of one bunch(pcs)


Each min. Or max bunch


Max. Paper size (mm)


Min. Paper size (mm)


Max. Size of the glue side (mm)


Max. Size of the other side(mm)


The whole length

(Automatically binder)(m)





Automatic Corrugated box linkage line 


Automatic Corrugated box linkage line

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